Tennis 2018

NOW since 2015 - Tennis at The Blandford Golf and Tennis Club is semi-private!

The public may now pay $25 for each 1 hour block, no more than once per week. Courts may be reserved at the pro Shop. Late afternoon prices starting at 4PM will be $15 for each 1 hour block. The public is welcome to play with the Men's or Women's leagues during the times listed below.

NEW and *RETURNING MEMBERS ~ May 15 - October 15, or as soon as courts are prepped with new HarTru.

Single - $450; Family - $900. SEVEN days a week. This price includes unlimited Golf as well!

*These memberships are limited to those not full members in 2017. Guests pay only 50% of public rate 2x per month per guest. Unlimited use of tennis courts and ball machine for each member.

New and Returning Member Application


Tennis players enjoy the soft, easy on the legs, traditional Har Tru Blandford Club courts. Male tennis players of all levels play Monday and Thursday from 9-11am. Ladies tennis play is Tuesday and Fridays at 9 am. Afternoons and weekends the courts are available for all members and their guests.

tennis11-1On bi-weekly Saturdays or Sundays at 3pm, it's mixed doubles and then a party afterwards. Private tennis lessons are available from the Lee Tennis Association's 4.0 Singles champion, Kurt Weber. Group lessons for kids are Tuesday afternoon for the summer Junior program. See the tennis lessons tab for adult lesson details and the Junior golf tab for kids group lessons.

"The tennis parties kept me involved with my tennis friends at the Club the year that I was injured and couldn't play. Also it's great to see the non-tennis playing spouses at the parties - everyone is included" J. W.

2tennisnet200The Club has Prince and Lobster ball machines for members to practice their strokes on their own. We also have a tennis practice backboard.

"There aren't many - easy on the legs- clay courts available for play in the area. But we found the Blandford courts are easy on the body and available for play most of the time" T. W.

Please see the Events calendar for the 2016 Tennis Schedule

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